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Exhibitions are the ideal occasion for showcasing your company & services

Exhibitions are the ideal occasion for showcasing your company, goods and services. There is guaranteed a prospective audience - you just have to make sure your booth attracts guests and we all know that using equipment like LED screens & having custom built exhibition stands can really make a difference & make your stand, STAND out…

Visitors need a reason to come with several other stands in the area around the exhibition. This can be explained by eye catching displays. Excellent graphics, sports, music, etc. Ensuring music and graphics are synchronized is vital for continuous lighting effects throughout the exhibition. Any failures or hits will adversely affect your business.

It would make an enormous change to have a credible, credible supplier involved. We can provide the necessary support and assistance with over 20 years' experience. All sorts of exhibitions, small and large, have been involved and have created stands for major companies and organisations. Our know-how and expertise is second to none. We will provide whatever assistance you need.

In several high-end venues, exhibition centres, historic buildings and hotels, PA Hire London is the partner of choice. We have authorised status of provider and direct access to the site specifications. Do you not know what kind of equipment, audio and lighting specifications your theories need to be put into practice? No difficulty. Speak with us. Our know-how and our experience will make a huge difference. We will offer recommendations so that these recommendations can be implemented.

Each company in which we participate is assigned a dedicated project manager. They are tasked with 24-hour support and assistance. Before being sent on hire, all items that we supply have been fully serviced and reviewed. Backup devices can be used in an emergency. Each piece of equipment or the complete custom package can be employed to cover anything you need to showcase in a perfect way from display stands, graphic design, lighting, plasma screens, vision mixer projectors and exhibition tables.

Each guest, including linguistic, needs can be met. We can provide interpretation and translation systems to establish pre-recorded messages in any language. That allows each visitor to get the information they need on the stand, whatever their knowledge of English. It means that there is no future chance of selling!

Press conferences may be a nightmare to coordinate, but more often they are intended for short periods of time. No one wants equipment issues with a horde of journalists on the premises that are willing to document not just the news release. In view of the speed of modern communication, these issues can be viral very soon.

Here we can assist. PA Hire London has more than 20 years' experience in reliability, quality equipment and project management. PA Hire London is unrivalled!

PA Hire London has warehouses complete with audio visual equipment, temporary stage, lighting, projectors, PA, Wi-fi, and instantly available podiums for hire. It will also provide the engineers with a few minutes notice to install and run the equipment.

It will help interpreting facilities if it is an international press conference with individuals who do not have English as their mothers' language. In this way, questions would be thoroughly interpreted, there are no language errors in the answers. As one of the biggest translation equipment collections in the United Kingdom, PA Hire London will provide translation booths, headsets and a variety of microphones to make sure that there are no problems.

Indoors or outdoors regardless of where the press conference takes place; we can cope. We are equipped, experienced and connected in a very short space of time to create suitable facilities. In many prestigious sites, and at numerous leading hotels, historic buildings, conference centres and exhibition areas, PA Hire London has chosen supplier status. This makes it easier to install equipment for optimum coverage in short time when we organise press conferences, with a very thorough understanding of the interior and exterior of a wide range of venues.

All our equipment uses the latest technologies and will be compatible during the press conference with any advanced technology. We should test in advance to ensure that there are no failures.

The PA Hire London organization is very professional. We think that we are only offering the best goods and services as we know your event is significant. Dedicated project managers provide 24/7 support.

The prize ceremonies are important events for the awarded individuals and for the undertakings or organisations. Often glittering occasions, in which the global press is present and which ensure a lot of advertising, it is important that everything happens from start to finish. It is an event that will remain in memory and deserve a perfect opportunity for the participants.

It's harder than it sounds to achieve perfection. There is still so much that can go wrong – microphones that fail at the worst possible time, people who get names wrong, viewers that cannot see or hear all that is happening are just a few of the potential issues that can arise.

Working with an experienced audiovisual team to reduce the risk. We provide a wide range of audio visual products and associated goods, which can be employed together with our experts to develop, run, manage and monitor all your equipment constantly and so that you can concentrate on the award ceremony. From project management to simultaneous translation, graphics and staging, our specialist packages may include everything.

We would give you all the information and advice to choose facilities and services in their best possible way. Color washes may create moods and quickly transform settings from company to pleasure (particularly important when an award ceremony takes place the evening after an event), generators can also ensure that the supply of electric power is never interrupted. autocues may help to prevent unintentional changes in the writing process and have information they need at their fingertips;

Our goal is to guarantee a complete achievement for your awards ceremony. Every event we assign a dedicated project manager and can handle queries 24/7. Regardless of the situation or problem we will deal with it seamlessly and effectively to prevent people from realising what happened even on the day.

We look forward to hearing from you on your request. We should assist you, regardless of whether the time scale is short or long. Just contact us now and see what you can do.



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