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PA Hire London is a subsidiary of The Sound & Light Hire Company, one of the UK’s leading audio visual hire companies based in Guildford, Surrey.


Hi, my name is Joe and welcome to the PA Hire London website! Our team here at the Sound & Light Hire Company provides all kinds of event services for London customers. Not only do we stock one of the most extensive inventories in the UK, but we also won’t be beaten on delivery costs. Whether you’re based in Clapham, Soho, or Notting Hill, we can supply you with the best audio visual equipment in the business for a price you’ll love.


So let’s tell you a little more about what we do. As the name suggests, we are pretty heavily stocked when it comes to PA speakers. But we can offer you so much more than that! Let’s say you’re hosting a party in Camberwell. In that case, we could supply you with a PA system, a lighting package, and even a dance floor to make your event one to remember!


But wait, there’s more! Don’t be fooled by our name. We offer the full gamut of event production services. Planning an outdoor festival at Wimbledon Park? We can supply an outdoor covered stage for your headline acts. Putting on an important conference in a prominent Mayfair hotel? We can not only provide a conference set, but we can design it from scratch in line with your specific requirements.     


Regarding the specific equipment we stock, let’s start with our bread and butter, our PA systems. We stock all types of speakers, from distributed PA systems to full-blown line array/stage monitor/amplifier combinations for outdoor events or live music. Of course, we only stock the industry’s best brands, such as our flagship d&b Audiotechnik inventory. For the more budget-conscious among you, we have our mid-range RCF and Electro-Voice active PA systems. We also stock Midas M32R & M32 live mixing desks along with the Midas DL16 & DL32 stage racks. Pretty impressive, we think you’ll agree!


Of course, it’s not all about PA systems. Our audio brands stocked include Shure. We have their full range of wired and wireless mics. Yep, that’s right, from their flagship UR4D wireless handheld radio mics down to their more casual SM58, we’ve got everything you could possibly need. We even stock their in-ear monitors too (PSM900 IEM), which is perfect if you’re a live band who needs to hire reliable, top-notch equipment to perform at your best across London boroughs such as Putney or Shepherd’s Bush.


Don’t forget; we offer end-to-end solutions for our customers. So if you need an indoor tiered stage for your band’s performance, no problem, we’ll supply it! We’ve always got staff members on hand to mix your sound and run your light shows too. We really mean it when we say we are an all-inclusive event equipment hire solution!


Below you're going to find several icons covering our broad spectrum of event equipment hire services. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Simply click on the icon that describes the service you seek (e.g., lighting hire packages). You will then be taken to our main company website, where you'll be able to see prices for hiring that particular product, and in some cases, you will be able to watch a video about what the product does. Either way, you will be able to read the product description and decide whether it is right for your event.


So, if you were searching Google for PA Hire London and found this website, you're in the right place, and you'll be pleased to know we offer very reliable and professional services right across each London borough. Go ahead, click on some of the icons below and let’s see how we can help you and your event!

pa hire london provides professional audio visual services throughout  london  & the UK

pa hire london can provide everything for you're your event from the lighting, to sound equipment to staging & led furniture

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we are london's number one sound & lighting hire company

here is a little more about the our companies where pa hire london started

If you want to learn a little more about the company behind PA Hire London, then let’s get started! The Sound & Light Hire Company have been in business for coming up to two decades. We originally started out serving the Surrey area, where the competition was relatively low, but demand was high. We then built on our early success and expanded to bring our services to London, and today we serve the whole of the UK from our Guildford base.


Over the years, the demand has remained fairly constant, but competition has become fierce. And yet, here we are, continuing to expand all these years later. How, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. We excel in providing reliable and professional service to each and every client. Whether you want to hire a small PA speaker package for your garden party in Wandsworth or go all out on an outdoor festival in Hyde Park, we treat every customer with the respect they deserve, no matter how big or small a job may be.     


That’s why we’ve become the preferred supplier for so many local councils, wedding venues, and hotels right across London. We have built up a reputation that precedes us, and we go above and beyond to maintain and even exceed it.


Of course, we weren’t always this all-singing, all-dancing event equipment hire company. We started in the sound hire space and eventually moved into the lighting hire space. Our ethos was simple – reinvest what we earn into even more inventory that wows our customers. Before we knew it, we went from a small sound and lighting hire company to operating several warehouses chocked full of audio and visual equipment, including LED screens, outdoor festival stages, and star-lit dancefloors.


So what can we offer you? Well, we have two strings to our services bow. One is a ''dry hire'' service, which is suited to customers planning smaller, private events. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and convenient sound and lighting equipment hire service that allows you to plug in a laptop or stream music from your iPhone to a speaker system, this is the type of do-it-yourself service you’ll enjoy. Dry hire services are available on a massive selection of our equipment inventory, including disco lights and LED furniture.    


By contrast, the other side of our business specialises in event production. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, this refers to looking after all aspects of an event that are technical in nature. In other words, we work closely with clients to plan and organise all kinds of events such as conferences, weddings, and product launches.


Not only do we handle all technical event production aspects such as the sound, lighting, stage design, and on-site support during the event, but we also provide life-like 3D visualisations of your chosen stage, set, and overall event productions to ensure you’re 100% happy with your choices before we go away and bring everything together for you. In other words, we can guarantee you’ll love what we have created for you by getting your approval beforehand!


Lastly, we have moved with the times, and we now provide this decade’s most prominent trend in the events industry – live streaming! We have invested in a full suite of industry-leading cameras (including Blackmagic and Canon), specialist streaming lighting, and hardware video encoders.  Better yet, we can stream using any software platform of your choice. How’s that for flexibility?!


Hopefully, this little run-down has given you a quick overview of where we started and where we are now. If you are looking for PA hire in London or any of the surrounding areas, you know where we are and how to reach us! We can’t wait to hear what you have planned and show you how we can help turn your event into a runaway success!

what does pa hire london offer & how should you go about making a booking with us?

You might remember that we mentioned that PA Hire London is part of The Sound & Light Company at the top of this page. What that means for you is that the scope of the services we offer goes far beyond mere PA hire services!


We stock every essential piece of event equipment, including but not limited to lighting fixtures, both wired and wireless microphones, line arrays, stage monitors, amplifiers, mixing desks, and much more! You name it; we stock it! We even have active disco lights that sync to your music — a perfect dry hire option for your house or garden party.


For more extensive events, we can design and assemble a stunning production that is bound to leave your guests nothing less than impressed. From designing and manufacturing an ornate white tiered stage for your wedding to supplying and installing a sparkling star-lit dance floor, we deliver all aspects of technical event production. We really do leave no stone unturned!


It doesn’t matter whether you are a national company or a private individual. If you’re putting together an event that needs equipment hire services, we can supply it to you at a price that no one can beat in terms of value for money.


To give you a picture of our services throughout the year, we spend a large proportion of the summer months working on different festival sites in the UK (and in Europe) while also supplying individuals hosting parties, weddings, and outdoor cinema screenings. Then, when the nights draw in, we find ourselves ramping up our indoor event work, such as gala dinners, awards shows, arena music concerts, industry conferences, exhibitions, and extravagant Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties at some of London’s most prestigious venues.


While we first started our journey in Guildford, we now have London-based warehouses making us a fast and cost-effective option for audio visual hire services right across London and the rest of the UK.


We’ve invested heavily in the future regarding our live streaming equipment, and we are now helping our customers broadcast their events to a worldwide audience. That’s right, with PA Hire London, you can live-stream your product launch, conference, wedding, or any other event using any streaming platform of your choosing! Our range of Blackmagic and Canon cameras are industry-leading in their design and functionality, and they are particularly well-suited to live streaming.


Don’t forget we also have plenty in stock by way of screens. We have large flat-screen TVs that start at 50” and go right up to 110”! Need something bigger or something suitable for outdoor use, such as a festival screen or an outdoor cinema screen? No problem! We stock over 100 square metres of 3.9mm high-resolution IP-65-rated outdoor LED video panels.


We would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for spending time visiting our website, and we would invite you to read through some of the most common FAQs before proceeding through to our main site. We look forward to working with you very soon!

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At All Times, Your Safety Is Our Priority Here at Greyson Guns Shooting Club & Range we have a Range Safety Officer on premise at all times to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed. They’re the final authority on what is safe/unsafe for our guests, as well as a resource for our shooters. We want your experience to be safe, comfortable and fun! RANGE RULES All firearms must enter the retail store and range in a case. NO EXPOSED weapons are allowed. All firearms must remain IN A CASE unless they are currently in use on the FIRING LINE. Firearms do not enter or leave the firing line except in a case. This includes short term storage in the cubbies at the back of the range. Shooters must: Keep muzzle pointed downrange at all times Keep finger off trigger until ready to shoot Load/Unload firearms only in RANGE STATION on FIRING LINE Wear eye/ear protection at all times upon entering the range Be sure to fire at the center of the trap in assigned lane NEVER handle loaded firearms outside shooting port NEVER cross the firing line for any reason Unload all firearms before leaving the shooting port​ TRACER, ARMOR-PIERCING, and INCENDIARY ammo is PROHIBITED. It is extremely damaging to range components and risks the safety of everyone on the range. *There will be a $250.00 fine for EVERY round fired.* No open toed shoes or low-cut tops permitted No open food or beverage permitted ​​ REMEMBER ANYONE CAN CALL A CEASE-FIRE AT ANY TIME YOU are financially responsible for all damages that you cause to the range and its equipment. You will be charged for damages resulting from your shooting anything other than the backstop. FAILURE TO FOLLOW RANGE RULES MAY RESULT IN PERMANENT EJECTION FROM GREYSON GUNS SHOOTING CLUB & RANGE Our rules are intended for the safety and comfort of all guests. If you have questions regarding any of our safety protocols, feel free to discuss them with the RSO on duty.


Greyson Guns Shooting Club & Range Safety Brief Firearms Safety Our main priority at Greyson Guns is the safety of our guests. We know that shooters come to our club with a diversity of training backgrounds and experiences. Luckily, the four basic rules of safe gun handling are something that is shared by all. From military personnel to the avid sport shooter, we all know at least some variation of the following safe gun handling rules. Please review the ideas below carefully, they are responsible for the safety and comfort of all of our guests. Rule 1. ASSUME all firearms are loaded, but KNOW the status of any firearm you handle. Following this rule is paramount. This simple approach to all firearms brings a level of caution and respect necessary for safe gun handling. Following this rule will keep you from violating any of the other 3 rules because “the gun was unloaded”. A safe shooter should know the status of his firearm, whether that be loaded or unloaded, and perform appropriate and timely checks to confirm that status as needed. Having an unloaded firearm, and not knowing that when you intend to employ it to save your life can be just as dangerous as foolish behavior with a firearm that is thought to be unloaded, and is not. We also cannot ALWAYS treat a firearm as if it were loaded, or we’d never be able to clean it or perform maintenance. What we can do is constantly know the status of our firearm, and assume it to be loaded, treating it as such until we’ve positively proven otherwise to our satisfaction and only for necessary functions…cleaning, disassembly, etc. Any time we set an assembled firearm down and pick it back up, it is appropriate to check status. To clarify, an unloaded firearm is one where there is no magazine attached, there is no ammunition present in the firearm, the breach is open, the bolt face is exposed and there is no cartridge in chamber. Anytime we pick up a rifle, or holster a handgun, we need to know that it is also in an appropriate status. We will assume that it is loaded, in that we will, of course, not violate any of the other rules when we pick it up, but we will check status to make CERTAIN that it is indeed loaded, if that is where we want it to be. Check your status when you gear up, know your status, but if in doubt, check. Do not get careless or hasty with status checks. Do them deliberately and consciously. Going through the motions and “looking” without “seeing” can be more dangerous than not checking at all. The old saying “familiarity breeds contempt” can also apply to our safety checks. Our lives depend on the serious attitude we all take towards our firearms. Rule 2. Avoid covering anything with the muzzle that you are not willing to destroy. Muzzle discipline, or keeping our muzzle pointed in the safest direction available and reasonable given the task at hand, and avoiding pointing the firearm at anything that we are not willing to put a hole in, at all times, is of primary importance. The bottom line is to never point a firearm at another human unless they are a threat to your life. After that, we prioritize where we point our muzzle based on the direction that allows us to do what we need to do with the firearm and would cause the least amount of damage to persons and/or property, if the firearm were to discharge. This means considering the environment, backstops, material construction of structures we are in etc, to understand what the “safest” direction is. Be aware and conscious of your muzzle direction at all times, with the above factors in mind, to be as safe as possible. Rule 3. Keep your finger straight, off the trigger, and outside the trigger guard until your muzzle is pointed at the target and you’ve made the conscious decision to shoot. Placing your finger in an exaggerated, straight extension, outside the trigger guard, and on a reference point well away from the trigger guard, provides you with the largest margin of safety in real life employment of a firearm, and does not materially affect the speed with which you can engage, should the need arise. When do we place our finger on the trigger? There are different answers to this depending on the situation at hand. The LE professional covering a suspect at gunpoint is in a different position than the hunter sighted in and waiting for a buck to turn. Once we have made a conscious decision that we wish to discharge the firearm and the muzzle is oriented at the target, whether verified by sights or otherwise, then we may place our finger on the trigger as we perform our trigger manipulation. For the purpose of our range and the safety of our guests, the finger belongs on the trigger only after environmental safety has been established, sight picture has been established, and the shooter is ready to engage their target, in their designated shooting lane. Rule 4. Be sure of your target. Consider its foreground and background. On the range, we have a safe backstop, a target, and usually some method of control, whether physical or procedural, to prevent intrusion into the downrange environment. Here, we must simply verify that the backstop is indeed safe, the target is something safe to shoot at, unlikely to cause ricochets or flying debris and that no one moves in front of the firing line while the range is hot. Safe Storage The last consideration to touch on is not really a rule, but a practice, and that is safe storage. When we are not actively using a firearm, we need to keep it somewhere. Where that is depends largely on how quickly we need to access the firearm and the degree of protection we would like to provide it. Loaded storage of firearms intended to be ready for home defense is perfectly acceptable, provided that access is appropriately restricted. We absolutely need to make sure that unauthorized access is prevented. In the absence of more secure storage, using trigger locks or cable locks through the action at all times a firearm is not in hand is one way to restrict access. Gun safes or vaults of various kinds provide better security and can also provide a measure of theft and even fire protection for the firearms themselves. Unloaded storage is obviously safest, and is fine for the vast majority of firearms, but balancing security and readiness for home defense firearms that we wish to be able to deploy quickly is more complicated. On the range, it is best practice to have only the firearm you are currently training with exposed and in the firing port. All other firearms, magazines and ammunition should be stored safely. This means: ammunition boxed and closed, magazines unloaded and in a bag/case, and most importantly, other firearms unloaded and secured in a case of some kind. REMEMBER, IMPROPER STORAGE OF A LOADED FIREARM MAY RESULT IN IMPRISONMENT OR FINE. Living Safety There are many more considerations to overall firearms safety and responsible ownership, but the more we can learn about our firearms and the more we handle, manipulate, and shoot them, the greater our margin of safety should become. Care must be taken, however, that familiarity and knowledge do not lapse into overconfidence and carelessness, as this can be even more dangerous than ignorance. Training, such as that provided by Greyson Guns and other reputable organizations, is a great way to increase knowledge and capability with firearms while solidly reinforcing a diligent attitude towards safety. A firearm is a tool which can be used to extremely productive ends. Like many tools, they can also cause harm in evil or careless hands, so we must take the responsibility of ownership seriously. Maintaining sharp vigilance for these safety rules and considerations is the best way to enjoy a rewarding lifelong experience with firearms, shooting sports, and other firearms-related activities. Greyson Guns Team

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